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BRIAN ALLEN: Toronto-based music producer and songwriter. Owner of production company AMPLUS Productions and recording studio, Dixie South Recording.

Dixie South Recording 

Musical rebels welcome.

Dixie South was not originally intended to be anything other than Brian Allen’s personal playroom – a place to stuff his gear collection and to document his song writing. Then it proved useful for pre-production and the assembly of audio ideas for projects to be recorded elsewhere. Then, clients started liking what was recorded at Dixie South better than the “elsewhere’s”. Then, well… stuff happens. More mics, better software, more guitars, bigger computer, different amps… etc.

Next thing you know, clients are taking cell calls answering: “Well, I’m in the studio right now recording – can I call you back?” OK, so now it’s a “recording studio”. Yeah, it’s small, but there are rooms connected to rooms that offer isolation, thereby effectively increasing the useful floor space beyond the main floor. There’s wireless internet to keep you connected, a comfy lounge that’s good for a band meeting or writing environment, and a private restroom that doubles as a bomb shelter for isolating loud guitar cabs. However, if the project calls for live drums, Brian likes a little more ceiling height than Dixie South offers, so that’s still done “elsewhere”.

Dixie South is a well-equipped affordable facility where clients immediately feel relaxed.


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